In addition to constructing “turn-key” natural swimming pools, we also offer full-design services and construction management for projects outside the Northeast. From conceptual pencil renderings to computer generated 3-dimensional site modeling. Helping you visualize the integration of a new water feature into an existing site is our goal.

Preserving the natural and environmental qualities of a given place are primary design objectives. The appropriate placement and proportions of the pool design, how it relates to existing landscape features contours, architectural components; and the flow of people as they interact and move through the new space are all key considerations.

A common goal of our work is to slow down the visitor and provide a space for relaxation; which in turn allows for the discovery and understanding of natural processes. When a finished project achieves these goals the resulting pool ensures a healthy, tranquil, and aesthetically pleasing environment.

We also offer design consultation on biomechanical filtration systems that provide the healthiest possible water for recreational swimming, whether it is a new concrete-gunite pool, an existing earth-bottomed pond, or any combination in-between.