Our Natural Swimming Pools create valuable habitat, provide year-round enjoyment and can be constructed in any location. By using native wetland plants that work in harmony with mechanical and biological filtration. We provide exceptional water quality without the use of chemical additives.

Chris Rawlings

Graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Industrial Design, and began Rawlings Excavation Services LLC in 1999. Drawn towards projects involving water and the placement of large stones, the evolution to Natural Swimming Pools was a logical result. With a design background, heavy equipment experience, and an environmentally conscious approach, it is Chris’ goal to create unique pools that nourish the people who use them, while revitalizing the landscapes in which they are constructed.


In creating a fresh water natural swimming pool, one where the water is clear, clean, and safe; we provide not only the healthiest quality of swimming water available, but also an environment that enhances life on many levels. A natural swimming pool is a place of balance; one that celebrates our awareness and ability to utilize the astonishing effectiveness of natural systems.
Images courtesy of Chattman Photography.